Cowboys V.P. Stephen Jones: “We expect Dez Bryant back after bye week”

635608178644177950-USP-NFL-NFC-Wild-Card-Playoff-Detroit-Lions-at-DaThe Dallas Cowboys are facing a very big uphill battle after losing quarterback Tony Romo and wide receiver Dez Bryant in consecutive weeks. While the timeline for Romo to return has already been determined, no one really knows when Bryant will be back. There is a lot of speculation that Bryant might be done for the season, but the Cowboys don’t believe that will be the case. Executive V.P. Stephen Jones was on the Ben and Skin show on 105.3 The Fan and says the Cowboys expect Bryant back after the bye week.

“Our prognosis has never changed,” Jones told the Ben and Skin show on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM]. “I know there have been a lot of people who have doctors on their media staff and like to speculate on these things, but we’ve been pretty consistent from Day One. At first we thought maybe four to six [weeks] and that changed to six to eight. By the next day we were pretty much thinking six to eight.

“We really feel like it’s a very fair goal to think that Dez will be back after the bye.”

Some guys heal faster than others but the Cowboys need to be very careful in how they are handling Bryant’s injury. If he has a setback, he could be out for the season or even longer.

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