Brian Orakpo says he is ready to welcome Jameis Winston to the NFL on Sunday

66bf2091a5437c217d0f6a706700e3b2_c0-408-3456-2422_s561x327Week 1 of the NFL regular season features a showdown between the top two picks in the 2015 NFL Draft. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face the Titans which will feature quarterbacks Jameis Winston and Tennessee Titans Marcus Mariota. While many will have their eyes on those two, one former first round pick is hoping to make an impact in this game as well. Linebacker Brian Orakpo says he is ready to welcome Winston to the NFL this Sunday.


“We definitely have been watching the preseason games,” Orakpo said. “…Other teams have had some success, so we have to see what works to actually get to him. Hopefully we can emulate that come our game and have some success getting him down.”

“We were very vanilla in the preseason. You’d not be a wise man to open your playbook in preseason games. It’s really just to get these young guys ready to go,” he said. “Come the regular season, we’re definitely going to open our playbook up and show you some exotic stuff, do some different things you guys haven’t seen before. I’m very excited about that.”


The Buccaneers offensive line is terrible so I wouldn’t be surprised if Orakpo has a few meetings with Winston in the backfield on Sunday.

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