Brandon Marshall: “It’s blasphemy to doubt Peyton Manning’s arm”

030615-NFL-broncos-marshall-ahn-PI.vresize.1200.675.high.89The last time something was wrote about a different Brandon Marshall, things didn’t go to well. The one who plays linebacker for the Denver Broncos got his name thrown around in our comment section a few years back.  I think things will go a little bit smoother this time around because many people knows he doesn’t play wide receiver. Marshall was on NFL Network on Tuesday and was asked about their leader quarterback Peyton Manning. There were a lot of rumblings about Manning’s arm strength after the way he threw the football in last year’s AFC Championship game. Those rumblings were out again last Sunday as Manning struggled to throw the football down field at certain points in the game. Marshall says that he is not concerned and that it is blasphemy to doubt Manning’s arm.


“We all think it’s blasphemy … because Peyton, he still has it,” Marshall said. “You know, he has what it takes. I think it’s just a matter of time because it’s a new offense. It’s the beginning of the season … just the chemistry with the O-line and the receivers, everybody gotta get in sync. I definitely think it’s going to turn around. I have no issues, or no worries about anything.”

Asked specifically if he sees less arm strength from Manning, Marshall shot it down, saying: “No. I don’t. I’ve been here since 2013 and it looks the same to me. I definitely don’t see a difference.”


I understand that Marshall wants to take up for Manning, but the decline in his arm strength is very evident. He still is a very good player but I don’t know if he can make the deep throws you need him to make in around playoff time anymore.

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