Brandon Jennings says Kobe Bryant’s NBA 2K16 rating is blasphemy

images (77)As we all were caught up watching football this weekend, one NBA player was on his Twitter account trying to understand why a certain player rating was so low in a video game. As many of you made know, NBA 2k16 comes out in a few days and the overall rating of Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant continues to be a hot topic. Oklahoma City Thunder guard Dion Waiters had a classic response when he was told about Bryant’s rating. Now Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings has called Bryant’s rating blasphemy.


While I do believe Kobe is still very good, he cannot stay healthy which I believed played a big part on why his rating is low.

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  1. Gilbert Melton says:

    Neither Jennings nor Waiters has ever been invited to the White House to meet the President for winning and NBA Championship. Until they do they both be role players on non championship teams. Whilst they both make more money than me, it is my humble opinion that they both express low mentality, low honesty and mostly low understanding of what Kobe has accomplished in spite of poor coaches like Del Harris (3 years) and Mike D’Antoni & Mike Brown for 3 years, plus that Coach from Houston (played college ball at Michigan-and got his face destroyed by Kermit Washington

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