Adidas has made it clear that on October 1, James Harden won’t wear any other competitors shoes

download (66)On Tuesday, I wrote that even though Houston Rockets guard James Harden signed a mega-deal with Adidas, he is still rocking retro Jordans. The photo has gone viral and many have a lot of opinions on whether Harden should be able to wear what he wants regardless of his contract. But the only opinion that Harden has to pay attention to is the president of Adidas North America, Mark King. ESPN’s Darren Rovell spoke to King about the photo and it made it clear that on October 1, Harden won’t be wearing Jordans anymore.


Asked whether Harden will have to stop wearing his Air Jordan collection in public when the deal officially commences Oct. 1, Adidas’ Mark King said, “That’s part of the deal.”

“The difference between football and basketball is that a guy like Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have a walk-around shoe,” King said. “Harden does, and he will be in our lifestyle stuff.”


It’s like what I said on Tuesday, there is no way a shoe company is going to allow you to wear another competitors shoe when they have invested that type of money. When October 1 hits, Harden should just sell all of his Jordans on eBay because he won’t need them anymore.

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