Wayne Knight on Michael Jordan: ” I thought that he was the most incredible human being I’d ever seen”

enhanced-buzz-30464-1377115974-0I think everyone knows by now that in the 1990s, Hall of Famer Michael Jordan was the king in the sports world. The stories about his talent and his competitiveness are hilarious, but also what make him the best. One actor in the 90’s who had quite the following as well was in awe by being in Jordan’s presence. Actor Wayne Knight, who is most known for his roles in Jurassic Park, Seinfeld, and Space Jam says he thought that Jordan was the most incredible human being he’s ever seen.


What did you think of MJ as an actor?
I have no idea! I knew that as a physical specimen, I thought that he was the most incredible human being I’d ever seen. He had, like, muscles inside of muscles. In his calf, he had kind of like a “sproing” muscle. Where he would leap and then—sproing!—and he could go flying. And he was working out at the same time, ’cause they built him a gym, and he had all these guys coming in and going one-on-one with him and playing full-court basketball with him. And then you’ve got him and Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing and Muggsy Bogues and all these people hanging out, and it’s just the weirdest… Here I am, this short, fat character actor who’s not really the most athletically inclined person that you would imagine.

People ask me, “Did you play any basketball with him?” I wouldn’t even touch a basketball next to those guys. Are you kidding me? If they passed it to me, I would walk away. I didn’t want to be seen touching it.


You got to love how Knight sidestepped the question about Jordan’s acting skills but everything else he said is on par with things you hear all the time. I think a lot people just don’t know how special Jordan was on and off the basketball court.

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