Walt Frazier wonders if Carmelo Anthony will ask for a trade from the Knicks

walt+frazierI think it is well-known that the New York Knicks are going through a massive rebuilding project. After trading multiple players away during the season, the team decided to draft  Kristaps Porzingis, who looks to be a long-term project as well. Team president Phil Jackson obviously has a plan but also acknowledged that it is going to take time. Time is something that all-star Carmelo Anthony does not have as he is already in the prime of his career. While it was reported that Anthony was upset with the moves that Jackson was making, Knicks legend Walt Frazier wonders in Anthony will ask for a trade.


Q: The Knicks drafted Kristaps Porzingis, a guy who is a couple years away from being able to help you win night in and night out. Then there’s Carmelo Anthony, who is 31 and here for another four years. How does he fit in because it seems like they are looking at a future that might not fit within his window?

A: I’m sure Melo wasn’t happy. His future is now. You know, he’s not getting younger. This is going to be a pivotal season for him to see really how he fits into the Knick plans and how this is going to go from here. Will he ask out, you know what I mean, if he sees that this is not happening? Because right now the Knicks, [it’s] going to be tough to make the playoffs. They are a few years away and Melo knows that his days are numbered, so stay tuned.


Carmelo did what he thought was best for his family at the time and choose to take the money instead of going to a team that has championship aspirations. I think that he will see how things go this season before he decides on what to do.

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