Video: Undertaker collapses after SummerSlam match against Brock Lesnar

d30a859142c90f589b993098c8f9cea7_crop_northThere was a lot of anticipation for WWE SummerSlam last night, and it seems like the show lived up to its hype. The event was centered around the rematch between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. Controversy arose during and at the end of this match as The Undertaker won by submission. But many are talking about what happened after the match. As The Undertaker made his way up the ramp, he collapsed right before he could go behind the curtain.


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  1. undertaker he should retired from wrestling because at the wrestle mania that the same thing happen to him against Brock Lesnar match been out for one year.

  2. Once again, I am reminded of how I wasted my money, in watching a joke of a match: John Cena vs Seth Rollins. What the authority has done to WWE wrestling, is beyond a joke. I grew up with wrestling on my life. Something I wished to impart and with my children. But last night was another reason to cancel my WWE Network subscription.
    Tripe H, Stephanie McMahon, have turned a beloved show into a joke. I love wrestling, I love all the many talented and amazing wrestlers. But watching these two buffoons, with their idiotic scripts destroy a beloved sport is beyond ridiculous. I don’t care that they elevate Seth Rollins to a level on par with Bruno Samartino, and so many other greats of wrestling. The audience appreciates a great joke. But wasting our hard earned money, to watch an idiot talk show host rob John Cena of a hard earned and much deserved win, was utterly stupid.
    Its hard enough enduring the taunting of non-wrestling spectators, but having these two destroy the art of wrestling with their pedantic melodrama is a travesty that the WWE universe must demand an end too NOW!

  3. WWE needs to get characters back and learn from the past. The old NWA was probably the best promotion around. They had more “wrestling” than the WWE does now. Even after Turner bought WCW, the show was more wrestling and less stupidity. I canceled my subscription and I have stopped watching it. I do like the old WWE(WWF) videos and watch them but the new WWE is awful.

  4. I agree Triple H and Stephanie are making a joke out of Wrestling John Cena is the real face of the WWE. people are canceling the Network because of that.

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