Rob Ryan’s $2 million home in New Orleans is sinking, files lawsuit against builders

Ryan-Tampa-Bay-2014-USATODAY-SportsBuying a house in the times we live in can be an adventure and a big headache. New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is finding that out first hand. Ryan purchased a house back in 2013 when he was first hired by the Saints to become the defensive coordinator. Now two years later, Ryan says there has been a lot of shifting beneath his house. Ryan says that his $2 million home is sinking and filed a lawsuit against the builders.


The newly constructed $2 million Uptown home Ryan bought shortly after he was hired by the Saints in 2013 is sinking, according to a lawsuit he and his wife filed against the developer, builder and an engineering firm Monday (Aug. 17).

“The builders fumbled the ball,” said Randy Smith, Ryan’s attorney. “And Rob Ryan, of all people, is not going to let it just sit on the ground.”

The ground, the lawsuit claims, is shifting badly beneath Ryan’s house, which wasn’t built on pilings or sufficiently spaced footings despite New Orleans’ notoriously soft soils, according to the document filed in Orleans Parish District Court. An engineer hired by the Ryans determined that key joists throughout the house also are overloaded.


That is a lot of money to paid towards a house that wasn’t built correctly. That’s why many have chosen to just rent because you avoid things like this.

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