Report: Markieff Morris is willing to be traded anywhere, wants nothing to do with the Suns

hi-res-d106aa374779b5b4657f8f89cf4dbfa0_crop_northThe disconnect between the Phoenix Suns and forward Markieff Morris gets larger by the minute. After the Suns traded his twin brother Marcus to the Detroit Pistons, the organization has expressed concern about Markieff’s state of mind. Well it seems like Markieff mind is made up and wants nothing to do with the Suns. According to John Gambadoro of 98.7 Arizona Sports, Markieff is willing to be traded anywhere as long as he is gone from Phoenix.


He likes Houston because of James Harden and Toronto because of Kyle Lowry, but he honestly doesn’t care where he gets dealt as long as he is not wearing a Suns uniform.

He is going to tell the Suns he can’t play for them, has too much hatred and animosity built up and that they won’t want him around.

Markieff is not calling back teammates and plans to be very standoffish when he reports to camp. He does not plan on arriving until he absolutely has to, so no pickup games with the boys before camp starts. He is expected to make a circus of media day.

He has told those close to him he can never be happy in Phoenix. That he won’t say a word to any of the Suns’ upper management and will have one word answers for Coach Hornacek. He will keep things short and simple.

If the Suns think he is going to bust his butt for them they are sadly mistaken. He has a four-year contract, so he is no longer motivated by the need for a deal. He does not want to show Phoenix any love. He wants them to know he is not motivated.

This is personal to Markieff; he felt the trade of Marcus was a slap in the face to him and his brother. And he feels that the Suns should have known this was coming, that he wouldn’t be happy playing without his brother.


I understand that Markieff is frustrated but he is going about this the wrong way. His antics will make NBA teams think twice about putting him and his brother together if this will be the result if they break them up.


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