Report: Kyle Korver was not happy about being cut from Team USA in 2014

20140814_World_Basketball_Festival_Kyle_Korver_cropTeam USA basketball kicked off their mini-camp this week in hopes of selecting who will be on the squad for the 2016 Rio Olympics. While that process is still underway, there are some players who are still upset from getting cut from the World Cup team. Point guards Damien Lillard and John Wall have both expressed how they felt about not getting selected. Now you can add Atlanta Hawks’ Kyle Korver. According to Chris Sheridan of Sheridan Hoops, Korver was not happy about being cut from Team USA.


It is probably not a coincidence that Lillard and Korver are no longer part of the USA Basketball program. (Korver told me in April that he did not watch a single game of the competition last summer because he was so upset at being cut). Lillard declined an invitation to attend this year’s minicamp, feeling (rightfully so) that he should have made the 2014 team over Derrick Rose, who was terrible during the tournament in Spain.


Honestly, I can’t blame some of these guys for being upset and not showing up to the mini-camp. If you didn’t make the team in 2014, why would it be different a year later?



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