Ra’Shede Hageman was not happy with how HBO’s Hard Knocks portrayed him last year

download (55)There has been a lot of talk that Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Ra’Shede Hageman might be ready to make an impact this season. But those comments were uttered by no one last season during Hageman’ rookie campaign. The Falcons were on HBO’s Hard Knocks last season and put the spotlight on Hageman struggling with his conditioning. There also was many times where defensive line coach Bryan Cox was shown confronting him about the things he isn’t doing right. Now a year later, Hageman s ready to move forward but was not happy with how HBO portrayed him on the show.


“Not at all,” Hageman said, referring primarily to the conditioning aspect. “Tyson Jackson [Jackson] and I already volunteered to run to get in shape. Then the cameras came down and I was a little fatigued after running already. It bothered me a little bit. But again, I can’t control what people think of me. I can just control my actions and go out there and play.

“That’s all in the past now. I feel like it’s time to make a new first impression.”


I think this is one of the many reason why a lot of players and coaches don’t want to be apart of Hard Knocks. It one thing to get embarrassed in front of your teammates, but it’s another thing to have that happen for the whole world to see.

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