Mike Evans says he loves the football IQ of Jameis Winston

TB-Winston-Don-Juan-MooreThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers wasted no time with their 1st round pick Jameis Winston. After the first day of training camp, the team announced that Winston will be the starting quarterback for the 2015 season. Coming out of Florida State, a lot of scouts loved Winston’s football IQ and it looks like one of his teammate has taken notice as well. Wide receiver Mike Evans says that he love Winston’s football IQ.


“I heard he learned the offense in two days, a day or two, something like that. Crazy,” Evans said of Jameis. “And he’s a quarterback, so he has to know what everybody’s doing. Me, it took me a while and I only have to know one or two positions. So that speaks for itself. Great football mind. One of the hardest workers I’ve been around.”


I know a lot of people think that everyone is gassing Winston up, but I’ve watched him closely for two years and I’m not shocked about what is being said. He will make mistakes but the upside and potential is very high for Winston.

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