Madison Bumgarner and Jake Peavy say they started dipping in the fifth grade

rotp0nqho1v5xhgtxjupSan Francisco Giants pitchers Madison Bumgarner and Jake Peavy have a major dilemma that they have to deal with. The mayor of San Francisco signed an ordinance in May that would ban smokeless tobacco from all public athletic fields in the city, which includes AT&T Park. The ban goes into effect January 1, 2016 so that gives Bumgarner and Peavy some time to change their ways. But according to the two pitchers, it’s just not that easy. Both players say they have been dipping since the fifth grade.


Most days he is at work at AT&T Park here, Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner can be seen with a clump of smokeless tobacco lodged in his lower lip. Bumgarner, a World Series hero and the face of the team, grew up in small-town North Carolina, where, he said, nearly all men dipped. He has been doing it since he was in fifth grade.

“Pretty much all the time,” he said.

Enforcement is expected to be similar to how the city handles smokers. A police task force will not be formed. More officers will not be assigned to AT&T Park. Rather, people who see the ordinance being violated will be encouraged to file a complaint, and officers already stationed at the park will most likely be authorized to give citations, comparable to parking tickets.

“It’ll have to be a lofty fine,” said Jake Peavy, another Giants pitcher who started using tobacco in fifth grade. “Just because of the money guys are making. Or they’re not going to stop.”

A lot of MLB players have been dipping for a long time so this will be an adjustment for those guys as well. I do think that Peavy makes a great point that if the fine is not huge, players will continue to do it. But I have a feeling that the MLB step in and encourage their players to follow the law.

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