Joe Thomas: “I feel like we can make the playoffs if we had a franchise quarterback”

Joe-Thomas-policy-outdatedWe have heard all off-season that the Cleveland Browns felt like they are an improving team. With training camp under way, all eyes will once again be on the quarterback position. Josh McCown and last year’s first round pick Johnny Manziel are competing to be the starter on week one for the Browns. As we all wait to see how everything unfolds, offensive lineman Joe Thomas knows things would be different if the Browns had a star a the position. Thomas says that he feels like the Browns could make the players if they had a franchise quarterback.


“The optimism that I have right now, I feel I’m on a team that can make the playoffs with a franchise quarterback,” he replied. “I certainly don’t want to be traded. If I ever got to that situation, I guess I would have to live with it and make the most of it. But, I want to be in Cleveland when we make the playoffs.”


Now many will assume that Thomas is taking shots at McCown and Manziel, but I don’t have a problem with what he said. Manziel is the one who is supposed to have that star on him, but it’s too early to write him off. But if he can’t beat out McCown or has a bad season as a starter, Manziel might be gone.

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