Jets are not happy about Geno Smith throwing the ball around at his house

zSElHnThings are not looking good for the New York Jets and we still haven’t gotten to the regular season yet. Even though it was a pre-season game, the Jets looked terrible against the Detroit Lions. This comes after starting quarterback Geno Smith was added to the injury list with a broken jar. Smith has had surgery on Thursday and was throwing the football around at his house. Well the Jets have no clue about this and are not happy about Smith throwing the ball around at his house.


“He shouldn’t be doing it right now,” head coach Todd Bowles said after practice Sunday. “We handled that internally. We had that discussion.”

“He just got surgery; you don’t want him getting infected,” Bowles said. “[The doctors] said he couldn’t do anything physical, so I’m going by the rules of what they said.”


The Jets have every right to get upset about this and Smith needs to follow what the doctors have told him. I’m starting to think this is just the beginning with the Jets in the news this season.

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