GM Doug Whaley: “Buffalo Bills are a national brand now because of Rex Ryan”

18476456-mmmainOver the past few years, the Buffalo Bills wasn’t considered to be a playoff contender. But with the arrival of new head coach Rex Ryan, the Bills are not only considered playoff contenders but many think they can win the AFC East. With Ryan at the helm, the Bills have been getting more media attention more than ever before. General manager Doug Whaley see this as well and believes the Bills are a national brand now because of Ryan.


“Here it is in a nutshell: we’re a national brand now with Rex,” said Whaley, who joined Buffalo’s front office in 2010. “What I tell people is, during the combine, when Bill Belichick was walking with Rex Ryan that day? The story wasn’t about Bill Belichick, and this was right after the Patriots won the Super Bowl. The story was about Rex Ryan wearing Thurman Thomas’s jersey. When would you ever have thought that? That’s all you’ve got to say.

“Before, it was, ‘Oh, it’s just Buffalo,’ and all about how we settled for someone in our head coaching hiring. We didn’t settle this time. We got what we were looking for. And I know this much, I truly believe there is a Rex Effect.”


I do agree with Whaley that Ryan has brought the team more attention but none of this will matter if they don’t live up to the hype.

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