Darrelle Revis says Odell Beckham Jr needs to step up to the challenge

odell-beckham-jr-7739ed7b6573c290The New York Jets will face the Giants on Saturday and everyone already has their eyes on a particular match-up. Many will be waiting to see wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr go one on one against defensive back Darrelle Revis. Beckham Jr is still pissed off about how the Jacksonville Jaguars targeted him last week. It also made many question if he can get off press coverage on a regular basis. Revis says that this is just the beginning for Beckham Jr and he needs to step up to the challenge.


Now that Beckham is a known entity, Revis said Beckham is likely to get more attention from defenses going forward.

“He just has to step up to the challenge,” Revis said. “He’s one of the best receivers in the league. He definitely is maybe a target for coaches to game plan, or maybe slide the coverages over his way, or maybe a safety, or maybe a double [team]. The guy did awesome last year. This comes with it, in years after. It’s something that he has to work at.”


I think Beckham Jr has to understand that a lot of teams are going to do different things to try to take him out of his game. The Jaguars did a good job on him last week, so he needs to watch film and use last week as a learning experience.

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