Cowboys FB Tyler Clutts brought up his wrestling background after altercation with a teammate

04ee03ecbd42d5084899b977c7a0dceaThe Dallas Cowboys have seen their share of altercations and fights during this year’s training camp. We all know about the Dez Bryant and Tyler Patmon training camp fight. Apparently during the Cowboys practice on Sunday, fullback Tyler Clutts got into a heated altercation with safety Jeff Heath. Both players were separated and cooler heads prevailed. Clutts was asked about the altercation and whether he would’ve won if a fight took place. Clutts brought up his wrestling background to explain why he would have won if a fight did go down.


“I got a little frustrated with [the shot], and he was just playing fast and it was a competitive situation, so it was just both of us letting our emotions take control,” Clutts said. “We’re just as good a buddies when we walk into the locker room. It happens out on the football field. Like I said, it’s good to see feistiness. I’d be a little disappointed if some of that didn’t go on.”

“I’m not going to say I was a California state wrestling champion, but I’m also not denying that fact,” Clutts said. “I don’t know. I think if he would have gone to the ground, I would have had the advantage.”


Most of these training camp fights don’t last that long so Clutts probably wouldn’t get a chance to showcase his wrestling ability. But the fact that he brought it up is hilarious.


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