Could new Los Angeles stadium change the way the NFL divisions are setup?

0423 la nfl 2I think it safe to say that the city of Los Angeles will have their own football team. Whether it’s one team or two is still in discussion but someone will move their team there. The San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders are the favorites to make the jump to Los Angeles, but that’s not they only thing that might change. According to Michael R. Blood of the Associated Press, the new Los Angeles stadium could change the way the NFL divisions are setup.


Carmen Policy, a former San Francisco 49ers executive who was hired to help oversee the Carson project, said Monday that the teams have agreed to shift divisions, if necessary, to make the project acceptable to the league.

The Chargers and Raiders are rivals in the AFC West, which could make game scheduling and other issues difficult in a shared stadium.

The teams have made clear to the league and NFL owners that ”you send us to LA and you’ll make the decision as to who plays in what conference or division,” Policy told reporters after detailing stadium plans for business leaders and a sports group at an event in downtown Los Angeles.

”There are some very interesting scenarios, depending on how all this turns out,” Policy said.


Even though both teams might be sharing a stadium, I really don’t see why they would have to make one of those teams shift to another division. I guess they will use the New York’s model for sharing a stadium for the Giants and the Jets.

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