Buccaneers want Jameis Winston to do a better job protecting himself

B9318487789Z.1_20150817124822_000_GCIBKTJVR.2-0The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are very excited about the play of rookie quarterback Jameis Winston. But there are plenty of issue that the team has to deal as the regular season gets closer. With Winston being such a competitor, his doesn’t slide like the team wants him too. There has been many occasions where he is diving head first for first downs. While they don’t want him to change his game, the Buccaneers want Winston to do a better job protecting himself.


“Jameis is such a competitor, he has a hard time cutting his losses. He doesn’t ever want to cut his losses. That’s good and bad. That’s well documented. He’s going to make some plays, and we’re going to love him, and there’s going to be some other times we’re going to say, ‘Get down! Get down!’ That’s how it’s going to be, so get used to it. We’re working on it, but get used to it.”

“We talk to him about those situations,” Lovie Smith said. “But as far as running, we don’t run an option football. We want to protect our quarterback. Sometimes the play calls for you to get what you can and get down. We need to work on him getting down. We’re not going to put him at risk an awful lot, but it’s football.

“Believe me, we know who we have there, and we want to keep him protected.”


Winston should try to avoid getting hit when he can just run out-of-bounds or slide feet first. With how terrible the Buccaneers offensive line is, he is going to take plenty of hits anyway.

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