Bill Simmons says the best kept secret in the NBA is Steve Ballmer doesn’t know what he is doing

19c53a8ee0b2d893ac34aab1e48b417f_crop_northThe Los Angeles Clippers found themselves in the headline once again on Tuesday when the NBA fined them $250,000 for offering DeAndre Jordan an endorsement. Owner Steve Ballmer sent a memo out saying that this was unintentional and inadvertent. The whole situation has raised a lot of eyebrows due to the fact that Ballmer even attempted to try this. The situation led to former ESPN personality Bill Simmons to question Ballmer and says he hasn’t shown that he knows what he is doing.



Ballmer does strikes me as a guy who is a passionate fan, but doesn’t know how to run a NBA franchise. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if Doc Rivers and the players are the one calling the shots for the Clippers.

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  1. Lois Dickinson says:

    Mr. Ballmer paid enough to have a bit of fun, even if uninformed. Seems like he’ll learn with time (like many of us) and Doc may have to be a bit more observant for awhile.

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