Andrea Bargnani claims he would have played for free just so he can prove himself to the Nets

2681151-1178318134-hi-reI think everyone will agree that Brooklyn Nets big man Andrea Bargnani has been an above average player since coming into the NBA. After getting drafted with the first pick in the 2006 NBA Draft, Bargnani never become the player that scouts envisioned he would be. After a disappointing stint with the New York Knicks, Bargnani signed with the Nets hoping to rebound from last season. Bargnani is so determined to prove himself that he claims that he would play for free.


“I would have done it for free because the money at this time does not matter,” said Bargnani who’s made $72 million in his NBA career … and who’s made some profitable investments in Italy. After two years with the Knicks –and what he has called “crazy bad luck” — Bargnani said he wanted to start over …in New York. He said he wants to forget the injuries that limited him to 71 games in two years.

“I just hope I can have a decent playing time, scoring as many points and exceed goals,” he told interviewer Malcom Pagani . “I do not think I was lucky (last year). Luck is good health that allows you to prove your talent at the right time. The rest is the work. I made risky choices, indeed extremely risky and I intend to continue to take risks. I accept all the criticism, it is living in a beautiful dream, I know myself. “

I always laugh when I hear someone say something like this. If Bargnani really felt this he would’ve told the Nets this when they were negotiating his contract. I guess for someone who has made $72 million in his career can say something like this, but I don’t believe him one bit.

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