After LaMarcus Aldridge left, Blazers GM Neil Olshey didn’t care to keep their core group together

635721646859148613-LaMarcusThe Portland Trailblazers know that they are going to be in rebuilding mode for the next couple of years. After losing their best player LaMarcus Aldridge, defensive stopper Wesley Matthews, center Robin Lopez and backup guard  Arron Afflalo, the Blazers aren’t worried about next season. The team has signed and traded for a lot of young talent that could potentially breakthrough and help out Damien Lillard, who the team locked up with a five-year contract extension. Blazers general manager Neil Olshey was asked why did he decided to let his core player leave after Aldridge decided to sign with San Antonio. Olshry said that he wants to be a title contender and know that the team wasn’t going to be good enough bringing those guys back.


Once Aldridge decided to leave, the Blazers didn’t waste their time trying to chase Matthews (who signed a four-year, $70 million deal with Dallas), Lopez (who took a four-year, $52 million deal with New York) or even reserve Arron Afflalo (who left for a two-year, $16 million deal with New York).

Olshey didn’t feel the need to keep together the same core while simply trying to replace a four-time all-star because, “absent LaMarcus Aldridge, that group was not going to be good enough,” he said. “We judge ourselves by high standards and if we can’t compete at the highest levels, then we had to go in a different direction.”


Olshey has a point because without Aldridge, the Blazers were not going to be a threat to win a NBA title. So instead of bringing a bunch of role players back, they can start over and rebuild the team around the new face of their franchise in Lillard.

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