While at the University of Miami, Duke Johnson considered quitting football

tumblr_npg2n2MSan1ttv7mno1_1280Cleveland Browns rookie RB Duke Johnson is expected to be a big part of the offense this upcoming season. During his time with the Miami Hurricanes, Johnson was one of the most electric players in college football. But according to him, getting drafted by the Browns almost didn’t happen. After his freshmen season, Johnson was having a hard time balancing football along with his school work. Things got so bad to the point where Johnson says he considered quitting football all together.


It was the summer before his sophomore year at the University of Miami, and Johnson felt like giving up. Never mind that he was coming off the greatest freshman season in the history of the U, rushing for a first-year record of 947 yards and 10 touchdowns and setting a single season school mark with 892 kickoff returns and two TDs.

The Miami native (5-9, 206) was struggling with the demands of college life — the homework, the practice, the social pressures, the football expectations, the creaky ankles and temperamental hamstrings — and he thought about quitting the team. What’s more his dad, Randy Johnson Sr., had died of Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS, four years earlier when Johnson was 14, and the sadness still sometimes engulfed him.


Johnson says that his mom is the reason why he stuck with it and not quit playing football. It looks like mom knew what was up because now her son is in the NFL.

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