Virginia governor not on board with building a NFL stadium just yet

download (48)After 18 years of the Washington Redskins playing at FedEx Field in Maryland, owner Daniel Snyder made his intentions known that he wants a new stadium. With so many other cities doing the same thing, Snyder doesn’t want to be left behind. The problem is that he is getting a lot of push back from the tax payers in Washington and in Virginia. Snyder is also still dealing with many people asking for the organization to change the team name. Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe spoke on the issue on Tuesday and says he is not on board with building a NFL stadium just yet.


“There’s no deal that’s a marquee trophy deal,” McAuliffe said. “There’s no deal you have to have. Now we chase every deal very aggressively, but then we get down to the numbers and we may have to walk away.”

“Would I love the Redskins to move to Virginia? Sure I would,” he said. “Does it make economic sense for us? I can’t answer that question sitting on the radio today. We’re not at that stage.”

“I would just say this: I would not take D.C. off the table. Let me leave it at that.”


It seems that D.C. is the most logical spot at this point for the Redskins if they want a new stadium. But if they are not ready to commit to that, the Redskins might be at FedEx Field longer than expected.

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