Six months after swimming 27-miles to safety, Rob Konrad says he turned down movie and book offers to tell his story

Jeff Conine All Star Welcome To Ford Championship WeekendIt has been six months since former Miami Dolphins FB Rob Konrad falling off his boat and swimming 27-miles to safety. Many were blown away when they heard about the story and I still am to this day. With Konrad story being so miraculous, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood starting calling wanting him to re-tell his story. Well according to the former Dolphins FB, he is not interested. Konrad told Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald that he has turned down multiple book and movie offers to re-tell his amazing story.


Konrad tells me he rejected a couple of book deals and a movie offer.

“There were some big name folks involved,” he said. “But I made the decision I wasn’t going to go that route.

“It’s nothing I want to capitalize on. I don’t have the time and desire. I’m running three [financial] companies in Florida and one in Chicago.”

But Konrad is writing a lengthy “memo” detailing his ordeal at sea because he wants his children and eventually, grandchildren, to have a record of what happened. “It’s much longer than I anticipated. When it’s done, down the road, they can read it.” He doesn’t rule out turning it into a book someday but said that’s not his mindset now.


If I was in Konrad shoes, I was at least do a book because his story is a true testament about never giving up. But I have no problem with him declining the offers he has been getting.

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