Roy Hibbert: “I expect to play at an All-Star defensive level”

roy-hibbertLos Angeles Lakers center Roy Hibbert will have a hug chip on shoulder this upcoming season. After the Indiana Pacers hinted at Hibbert’s role being diminished, he still decided to opt in to his contract. That led to the Pacers trading Hibbert to the Lakers. The Lakers introduced Hibbert during a press conference on Wednesday and the center already has placed expectations on himself. Hibbert says he expects to play at an All-Star defensive level with the Lakers.


The Lakers, however, view Hibbert as a player who can not only regain his standing as an All-Star big man, but anchor their anemic defense, which last year ranked second-worst in the NBA.

“I expect to play at an All-Star defensive level, and everything else will come,” Hibbert said Wednesday.


Hibbert has shown in the past that he can have a big impact defensively and the Lakers hope that he can be a rim protector for them.

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