Rod Streater thinks the Raiders will put up huge numbers on offense this season

rs-2The Oakland Raiders feel very confident in their team going into the 2015 season. After signing Michael Crabtree and drafting Amari Cooper in the 2015 NFL Draft, many believe that the Raiders offense could be very good this season. With Derek Carr going into year two as the starting quarterback, WR Rod Streater is very high on the Raiders offense this season. Streater was on 95.7 The Game on Thursday and thinks the Raiders  will put up huge numbers on offense this season.


“I think it’s going to be an explosive year for us,” Streater told 95.7’s Chad Doing, Lorenzo Neal and Joe Fortenbaugh. “We’ve got Amari Cooper coming in, and he’s got the size and speed to make an impact right away. When you look at the receiving corps as a whole, I believe we can all contribute and play each position. …It’s going to be hard to stop us, because we can create mismatches all over the field.”


Many have raved about how talented Cooper is and surrounding him around veteran receivers should help him a lot. While they do have a lot of talent, they are the Raiders so you just don’t know how things will go.

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