Report: Luke Kuechly expected to set the standard for middle linebackers when he signs a new contract

download (45)The Kansas City Chiefs made history on Wednesday when they gave OLB Justin Houston a six-year, $101 million contract extension. The deal is considered to be the richest deal for a linebacker in NFL history. With Houston signed, now all the attention will shift to the Carolina Panthers and the MLB Luke Kuechly. It think it is safe to say that Kuechly is the best MLB in the NFL right now and it’s not even close. According to Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer, Kuechly is expected to set the standard for middle linebackers when he signs a new contract.


Industry experts say Kansas City linebacker Justin Houston’s $101 million deal likely won’t impact Luke Kuechly’s next contract, but they still expect the Carolina Panthers’ Pro Bowler to set the standard for middle linebackers.

The Panthers have plenty of salary cap room to sign Kuechly before the season starts. After finalizing extensions with quarterback Cam Newton and outside linebacker Thomas Davis in June, the Panthers are $14.5 million below the $143 million cap, according to the NFL Player Association’s salary cap report.

I think the Panthers should try to get Kuechly deal done as soon as possible. Waiting around won’t do nothing, but the team more money.
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