Report: Cavaliers are working out a deal to send Brendan Haywood to Portland

11335580_556696157802422_113006074_nThe Portland Trailblazers are in a serious need for some big men for the upcoming season. After watching Robin Lopez and LaMarcus Aldridge leave in free agency, the Trailblazers are starting over from scratch. With the team in dire need for some bigs, the Cleveland Cavaliers might be willing to help them out. According to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders, the Cavaliers are working out a deal to send center Brendan Haywood to the Trailblazers.



Even though the Trailblazers were able to acquire a big man, what does it say about Haywood that the Cavaliers will trade him and want nothing in return. I know Haywood’s $10 million contract comes off the books for the Cavs, but it sounds like they are glad to see him go.

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  1. Don't be stupid says:

    This is the worst NBA analysis I’ve ever seen. You have clearly done absolutely no research whatsoever. The Trailblazers have Myers leonard, signed Ed davis and traded for Moe Harkless, Noah Vonleh and Mason Plumlee. Acquiring Haywood is not in order to acquire a big man. Haywood’s contract is $10M and fully UNguaranteed. If the cavs were trying to save themselves $10M, they’d simply cut him with no ramifications. If the cavs trade him to a team, it is for an asset that the team acquiring Haywood doesn’t want to pay for, so THEY would cut haywood and save the cash.

    In this instance, the Trailblazers are under the salary cap and can acquire Haywood for nothing (and then cut him), giving the cavs a trade exception for 12 months that they can still use to trade. The trade is not about need for blazers, and it is likely the cavs would have to throw something else in there (a 2nd round pick, for example), to incentivize the Trailblazers to do this deal that helps the cavs.

    Good god.

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