Pro gaming league plans to start drug testing their players

92144The Electronic Sports League is one of the most competitive video game leagues around the world. As eSports continues to grow, players are trying to find ways to get the upper hand on the opponents. Earlier this month, Kory Friesen admitted on a YouTube video that he and some of his teammates were on Adderall at a recent event. According to a study, Adderall increases the mental focus and reaction times which can definitely help when it comes to competitive pro gaming leagues. After those comments made headlines, the Electronic Sports League announced that they plan on drug testing their players starting next month.


The Electronic Sports League (ESL) is one of the biggest global leagues in the world of eSports. Known primarily for its competitions for “Counter Strike: Global Offensive,’ ‘Battlefield 4′ and ‘DOTA 2,’ ESL’s pro championship series are watched by millions online on Twitch and the league’s own online network. And, in the wake of a doping scandal, the company announced that it has instituted a drug-testing policy.

ESL says that it will begin administering randomized skin tests for Adderall and other Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) in August at their ESL One Cologne event — where $250,000 in prize money is yet again up for grabs.


If you ever played any type of multi-player video games, you know how competitive things can get. With this much money on the line, I can’t say that I am shocked that someone tried to cheat to get a leg up on the competition. Hell, it happens in sports all the time.

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