Justin Houston believes the Chiefs have the best pass rushing duo in the NFL

CHIEFS DENVER 20141130 SLK 1630FThere is no doubt that Kansas City Chiefs DE Justin Houston is one of the best pass rushers in the NFL. It is one of the main reason Houston has been missing team activities due to him wanting a new contract. Many believe that Houston and his counterpart DE Tamba Hali have turned into a great pass rushing duo. But according to Houston, the Chiefs have the best pass rushing duo in the NFL.


“I’d say so. I think everybody should think the same way,” Houston said at Charles Johnson’s Sports Academy and Community Night last month in Hawkinsville. “I think you should think that as an NFL player, think you’re the best and believe you’re the best. I really do think we are.”

Since Houston joined the Chiefs in 2011, the duo has accounted for 86.5 sacks so he does have a point. Regardless of what duo is the best, Houston and Hali are a force together.
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