Josh Hill on life without Jimmy Graham: “I haven’t seen anything stand out to being really different”

Minnesota+Vikings+v+New+Orleans+Saints+23xebNlqwcIlNew Orleans Saints TE Josh Hill knows that he has a big opportunity to prove himself during training camp later this month. Hill has been the backup Pro Bowler Jimmy Graham for the past two years, but now he has a chance to shine. Graham was traded to the Seattle Seahawks during the off-season which and now the Saints are looking for a TE to emerge. Hill was asked how is the team dealing with the loss of Graham and his answer was surprising. Hill says that nothing has really been different, just a few changes here and there.


“They ask us to do a lot of things,” Hill said. “They always have. I haven’t seen anything stand out to being really different, just subtle changes here and there.”


Even though the Saints know that Graham was very good, I get the vibe that they feel like they can replace his production.

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