Jimmy Butler on Derrick Rose: “I don’t think we have any issues”

rose_butler_hpBefore the start of free agency, many thought that Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler would be suiting up for another team next season. The Bulls put all of the speculation to rest after signing Butler to a five-year, $95 million contract. Now that Butler’s contract is taking care of, there is another issue that needed to be address. After the Bulls were eliminated by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Playoffs, rumors began to swirl about Butler’s relationship with point guard Derrick Rose. Butler address those rumors and said that he doesn’t think he and Rose have any issues.


When the season ended, there were reports that you had issues with Derrick Rose.
I don’t think we have any issues. I think we’re fine. I think we’re two basketball players that want to win games. That’s where I’ll leave it at. I think we just wanna win, bring a championship the city, to the organization. I think that’s our job. And I think we’re gonna do whatever it takes to make that happen. I have a lot of respect for the guy.

So there’s no truth to the reports?
I never read the reports so I couldn’t tell you what they said. To tell you the truth, if you read it, something’s going to piss you off, so I really don’t. There’s a lot of people that think I’m a terrible basketball player, so it’s just gonna piss me off. And if it’s people who think I’m good, I’ll be happy. I’m just not gonna read it at all and stay content in my own mind.


I really believe that Butler is being genuine about this and it seems like he has a lot of respect for Rose. If there was a rift between these two, I think Butler would have signed a shorter contract just in case things got crazy.


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