Jerome Bettis: “Only Adrian Peterson can break Emmitt Smith’s rushing record”

635583396867775460-SMG-20150131-tcb-al2-16Former Pittsburgh Steelers RB Jerome Bettis knows a good running back when he sees one. The former Pittsburgh Steeler will be inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame next month, but had some things to say about a current NFL RB. Adrian Peterson raised some eyebrows when he said that he thinks he can break Emmitt Smith’s all-time record for rushing yards. With the NFL turning into a passing league, Bettis believes Peterson is the only RB that can break Smith’s record.


“I think when you look at the longevity of running backs, Adrian Peterson, probably in my lifetime, is the only one that will have this opportunity,” Bettis, the sixth-leading rusher in NFL history, said this week. “But the one things you have to understand is that the NFL is cyclical, so teams kind of watch and see what the championship teams are doing, and they gear themselves up toward those championship teams.

“So yes, there’s been an emphasis in the last five-to-seven years on passing the football. But as teams go, if they don’t see the success, they tend to go toward what is winning. Right now you have an age of great quarterbacks, but as these quarterbacks start retiring and as you’re not able to replenish the league with the same type of quarterbacks, then you’re gonna see the running game become a more prominent part of the game.”



I agree with Bettis when he said that Peterson is the only RB that can break Smith’s record. But missing almost the whole 2014 season probably hurt Peterson’s chance to do that.

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