J.R. Smith plans to meet with the Cavaliers this week, kind of regrets opting out

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game ThreeFree agent J.R. Smith was talked about a lot on Monday but it had nothing to do with his status with the Cleveland Cavaliers. New York Knicks president Phil Jackson threw some shade toward Smith and teammate Iman Shumpert. Smith has still not signed with any team yet and many don’t believe he has gotten any offers. Well Smith broke his silence on Monday and says he has gotten offers from other teams. Smith also says he plans to meet with the Cavaliers this week and kind of regrets opting out of his contract.


Asked if he regretted his decision to decline his contract option, Smith said “Uh, I mean, yes and no.

“No because I’ve gotten offers that I wanted, I mean numbers that I wanted, it’s just different situations,” Smith said. “Right now it’s just a matter of seeing what the Cavs come back to me with. Right now they give me the best opportunity to win.”

“That’s always part of the gamble of opting out,” Smith told the Northeast Ohio Media Group on Monday at the Four Seasons hotel in Las Vegas, where the NBA players’ union held its summer meeting.


It sounds like Smith is comfortable with th Cavaliers and hopes they give him a good deal so he can stay. With that being said, I do think that Smith will be with the Cavs next season.

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