Does ESPN have a problem with Florida State’s football program?

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I tried to stay away from this topic but after what occurred on Friday, I just can’t stay quite anymore. ESPN’s Mark Schlabach created waves on Twitter when he announced that Florida State RB Dalvin Cook, will be charged with misdemeanor battery after allegedly punching a 21-year-old woman in the face several times outside a club. This is after the dismissal of freshmen quarterback De’Andre Johnson was caught on tape punching a female in the face at a bar.

Both of those stories were first mentioned by Schlabach which makes me ask the question, does ESPN have a problem with Florida State?


Before I start, I am not picking sides and if Cook did the crime, he deserves to be punished for it. My main issue is for the past two years, ESPN has camped out in Tallahassee and have being trying to find as much dirt as they can on the Seminoles program. Granted, the players are helping the worldwide leader out, but ESPN’s agenda is starting to get ridiculous. Even though Jameis Winston has had his faults, ESPN is one of the biggest reason why his image is the way it is. College football analysts on ESPN were irate that head coach Jimbo Fisher would not suspend Winston for the season even though he did nothing to warrant that type of punishment. While the USA Today, New York Times, and other publications have moved on since Winston left for the NFL, ESPN has continued to go after the Seminoles program.


When the news broke about Cook’s arrest, many Florida State players stood behind their teammate on Twitter and wished that ESPN would just leave them alone. Regardless of the outcome of Cook’s situation, it’s very obvious that ESPN will be looking for more dirt to try to tarnish the Seminoles program.

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