Colin Kaepernick on new-look 49ers: “I think the changes are for the good”

download (40)Going into the 2015 season, many believe that the San Francisco 49ers could finish last in the NFC West. With some much turnover from the coaches and players, the 49ers are in rebuilding mode. QB Colin Kaepernick has been quite as the organization cleans house but broke his slience on Friday. Kaepernick was asked about how he feels about all of the changes that have been going on with the 49ers. The star QB says that he thinks that the changes being made are for the good of the organization.


“Very excited for the season,” he said. “A lot of new faces in the locker room and a lot of new coaches. I think the changes are for the good.”

He admitted he didn’t know how good the 49ers are going to be based on the offseason. “It’s hard to tell,” Kaepernick said. But he did say he likes what he sees.

“I feel very confident in our team,” Kaepernick said. “I feel people are writing us off, but for us, that’s all right.”

I’m not surprised by Kaepernick’s comments but there is a reason why everyone is writing the 49ers off. I think it is going to be a long season for Kaepernick and company.

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  1. This writing says that the niners are in the NFC south, well with that saying, I would say this is someone that don’t know jack, the niners are in the NFC west, not south.

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