Cavaliers GM David Griffin hopes to re-sign Tristan Thompson, but knows it’s going to take a while

tristan-thompson-nba-indiana-pacers-cleveland-cavaliers2-850x560While the Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to keep the players who got the to the NBA Finals together, there are two missing pieces that still hasn’t signed. J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson are still on the free agent market as the we get deeper into the month of July. For Smith, it was reported that the team is still interested in him so he there is a great chance that he returns. Thompson’s situation is a little harder due to the fact that he wants a near max deal from the Cavaliers. General manager David Griffin says he hopes to sign Thompson, but knows it going to take a while.



Thompson’s agent has been adamant about getting a near max contract and it seems like the Cavaliers don’t want to commit to that. With the amount of money Thompson is asking for, I need more from him besides defense and rebounding.

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