Warriors executives spend their day off playing basketball inside a California prison

hi-res-6205792_crop_northThe Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers got an extra day to rest after Game 4 on Thursday. While most of the players and coaches took some time to rest up, the Warriors front office executives had other plans scheduled. General manager Bob Myers and a few other Warriors executives, and former college basketball players showed up to San Quentin State Prison. Apparently, Myers and company came to play a pickup game against undefeated prison team, the San Quentin Warriors.


The Warriors are to San Quentin what the other Warriors were to the NBA this season. Myers’s team ran up the league’s top home record on its way to the Finals, which return to Oracle Arena for Game 5 on Sunday with the series tied at 2-2. San Quentin’s Warriors, though, have their own home-court advantage in their Saturday games against civilians.

Warriors players started taking team trips to jail three years ago. They don’t participate in the games, but former coach Mark Jackson did, as do several of current coach Steve Kerr’s assistants. Even on the sidelines, though, Golden State’s players came away influenced by the experience. “They’re guys who made mistakes,” said Warriors forward Marreese Speights. “Everybody makes mistakes. They got caught.”

San Quentin’s team had upset the Golden State Warriors the last time that Myers was here—and they hadn’t forgotten about it. The prisoners were especially chatty about assistant coach Luke Walton’s performance. They claimed the former NBA player had shied away from the post to settle for outside shots. (”Absolutely not true,” Walton said in response to the allegations.)


I would have never thought that the Warriors organization would have the time to take part in something like this, especially with them being in the NBA Finals. I think what they are doing is cool and Myers dropping 26 points surprised me as well. It’s good that the Warriors executives have embrace those prisoners as it seems like they look forward to their games.

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