Vikings’ Charles Johnson wants to buy his jersey, but he can’t find it anywhere

Green+Bay+Packers+v+Minnesota+Vikings+tyOqbCTGh8SlI know a lot of people outside of Minnesota don’t really know who WR Charles Johnson is. Johnson, who was seventh round pick in 2013 ended up being the team’s leading receiver towards the end of the season. Johnson didn’t join the Vikings until late September, but by then the NFL had already have the orders in for the players jersey. Johnson says he has been looking for his jersey but he can’t find it anywhere.


I can’t get any jerseys for my family,” Johnson said. “I went out and bought some old Percy Harvin jerseys and just took off the Harvin and put Johnson on the back. But man, I wish I could get my jersey. I wish they’d have my jersey for sale. If they did, I’d be willing to buy them all myself.”

Johnson initially was prepared to give Fred Johnson one of the four Harvin jerseys he had bought and altered for Father’s Day. But then he said his wife, Kalyn, contacted a Vikings official who was able to provide an authentic one for when Johnson is back this weekend in Kentucky.

Johnson said he’s normally able to get a very limited supply of jerseys from the Vikings. He said to have one custom made, “You got to pay like $300.”


Johnson is expected to be one of the top receivers for the Vikings, so he will get a chance to buy his own jersey in a few months.


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