Video: Ty Lawson says he is going to Sacramento after Nuggets draft Emmanueal Mudiay

012515-60-NBA-Nuggets-Ty-Lawson-OB-PI.vadapt.620.high.0I think that it is common knowledge that the Denver Nuggets want to trade point guard Ty Lawson. If you need so more proof, the Nuggets drafted point guard  Emmanueal Mudiay last night during the NBA Draft. While the Nuggets front office celebrated their pick, Lawson was at home smoking hookah. Lawson was watching the draft as well and once the Nuggets made their pick, Lawson said “I told you” then finished it off with “I’m going to Sacramento bro.”



No one knows where Lawson may end up but it’s pretty obvious that his time with the Nuggets is coming to an end.

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