Timofey Mozgov says referee Joey Crawford apologized for telling him to shut up

images (29)I’m pretty sure everyone remembers the altercation between Cleveland Cavaliers center Timofey Mozgov and NBA referee Joey Crawford. During Game 4 of the NBA Finals, Mozgov tried to argue a call Crawford made, who then proceeded by telling the big man to do him a favor and shut up. Mozgov was asked about that incident and he says that Crawford apologized to him during warmups after halftime.


Crawford apparently had a guilty conscience. Mozgov said when the team took the floor for warmups during intermission, Crawford approached him and expressed regret for speaking to him in that manner.

“I don’t think any ref should talk that way to a player,” Mozgov told NEOMG. “That has never happened before. I didn’t appreciate it, but it’s in the past now. He apologized and I’ve moved on.”


I want to believe that Crawford’s apology was sincere, but he has a history doing things like this. He probably apologized because of all the negative attention it brought him.

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