T.J. Ward skipped Monday’s OTA because he attended Game 5 of the NBA Finals

download (34)For those of you don’t know, Denver Broncos safety T.J. Ward is a huge Golden State Warriors fan. Ward love for the Warriors is so real, he has a huge tattoo of the team’s logo on the left side of his back. Head coach Gary Kubiak told the media today that Ward was not presence for OTA’s today. That’s when a reporter told Kubiak that Ward was spotted during the Warriors’ Game 5 win against the Cleveland Cavaliers.


“That’s where he was?” Kubiak said with tongue in cheek and teeth biting lip.

Kubiak, the Broncos’ head coach, didn’t sound overjoyed Ward couldn’t make it to the OTA on Monday, but he also knows there’s not much he can do in the form of punishment.

“It is voluntary,” Kubiak said.

It should be noted players do miss an OTA session from time to time. Even quarterback Peyton Manning missed one last year so he could help honor Derek Jeter and David Letterman in New York.

That particular OTA, though, was closed to the media. Ward made the mistake of skipping an OTA that was observed by the local media.


I understand that coaches want all of their players to attend OTA’s, but I don’t blame Ward one bit for going to the game.

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