Since no one would give him chance on the defensive line, Roosevelt Nix tries his luck at offense

20150609radSteelersSpts05-4I always tell people that just because someone is good in college, it doesn’t mean that they will be good in the NFL. Former Kent State star Roosevelt Nix is finding that out the hard way. Nix is one of the best defensive players to ever come through Kent State, racking up a school record 65 tackles for loss and ranks second in sacks with 24 in his time there. But at 5’11, Nix was told he would have to change positions if he wanted to play in the NFL. Now with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Nix will try to make the team as a fullback.


“The NFL has definitely been a goal of mine since I was a kid,” Nix said. “Coming out my senior year, I was going to do whatever I had to do to play football wherever I was going to do it. I started changing my body and tried to make sure I had a future somewhere to play football.”

“When you get an opportunity, you have to put on for it,” Nix said. “Some teams do use fullbacks and those guys are great athletes. It’s an evolving position. Fullbacks aren’t really fullbacks anymore. They’re a little bit of everything. Defensive linemen, linebackers, all different body types can play the position.”


You have to give Nix credit for trying to make his dream of playing in the NFL come true. Hopefully he balls out and makes the team or the practice squad.

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