Report: Warriors were “pissed off” at the media for saying Matthew Dellavedova locked up Steph Curry

download (32)Throughout the NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been praised for their defensive effort against the Golden State Warriors. One particular matchup has been getting all of the publicity in this series. Many believe that Steph Curry’s struggles are due to the defense played by Matthew Dellavedova. After the Warriors dominated Game 4, people in their organization was not happy about the narrative the media(ESPN) has created. According to Chris Haynes of Northeast Ohio Media Group, the Warriors were pissed by the media saying Dellavedova was locking down Curry.


Sources within the Warriors’ organization say they were “pissed off” and “irked” by the media attention Dellavedova was receiving and the narrative of the Australian “locking down” the league’s MVP.

As for Curry, he was annoyed too, I’m told.


Regardless of the Warriors being pissed off, Dellavedova definitely had Curry off his game. Curry did bounce back in Game 4, so it will be interesting to see if he returns to the player that dominated throughout the playoffs.

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