Report: Suns have been dangling Eric Bledsoe in trade offers since the off-season began

images (35)I really don’t understand what direction the Phoenix Suns are headed towards. Before the NBA trade deadline, the Suns traded Goran Dragic to the Miami Heat and Isaiah Thomas to the Boston Celtics. Many believed that the Suns were making it clear that Eric Bledsoe was who they were going to build the team around. Well on Monday, there were reports that the Suns offered Bledsoe in a trade to the New York Knicks in exchange for the number four pick. But apparently, the Knicks aren’t the only team the Suns have been talking too about Bledsoe. According to Sean Deveney of Sporting News, the Suns have been dangling Bledsoe in trade offers since the off-season started.


The Suns had talks with the Knicks about dealing the fourth pick for point guard Eric Bledsoe and the No. 13 pick, but Phoenix has not been limited to the Knicks in that regard. The Suns have been dangling Bledsoe in trade offers this offseason and are likely to continue to do so after the draft if Bledsoe is not moved this week, sources confirmed.


I’m trying to figure out what happened in the past few months that made the Suns change course on Bledsoe. Even if he isn’t traded on draft day, it’s apparent that he won’t be with the Suns once training camp starts.

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