Report: Mavericks are preparing to let Monta Ellis walk once he opts out

1035x690-463138680The Dallas Mavericks are expected to be very busy next month when free agency starts. As many of you may know, many consider the Mavericks the front-runner to sign Portland Trailblazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge. The Mavericks are also keeping an eye on what guard Monta Ellis does as well. Ellis has made it known that he plans to opt out of his contract that would pay him $8.72 million next season. Ellis will have a lot of suitors but due to his actions this season, the Mavs might not be one of them. According to Tim MacMahon of ESPN, the Mavericks are preparing to let Ellis walk once he opts out.


Ellis should not anticipate that raise coming from the Mavs, who would rather move on than make a major long-term investment in a one-dimensional player whose moodiness and selfishness negatively impacted the team’s chemistry last season, according to sources with knowledge of the front office’s thought process.


The Mavs would likely try to take the 3-and-D route at shooting guard even if they aren’t successful in this summer’s attempt to finally hook a big fish in free agency. They don’t expect to be able to replace Ellis with a go-to guy as dynamic off the dribble as him.

But the Mavs believe they can get much more from small forward Chandler Parsons, their big catch from last summer, if he isn’t paired with Ellis. That’s because Ellis has to have the ball in his hands to be effective — and the Mavs ran the lion’s share of plays for him — preventing Parsons from doing what he does best. Parsons was one of the league’s most efficient pick-and-roll ball handlers last season but got a small fraction of chances to initiate the offense compared to Ellis.

It also didn’t help matters that Ellis and Parsons didn’t click off the court, an issue many within the organization suspect was influenced by Ellis’ bitterness about Parsons being paid almost twice as much as he was.


Ellis was the leading scorer for the Mavericks but it seems like they want Chandler Parsons to be the guy. Hopefully, Ellis gets the day pay-day that he is looking for, because the Mavericks are ready to move on without him.




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