Report: Hawks are bracing themselves for a 4 year, $50 million asking price from DeMarre Carroll

demarre-carroll-nba-toronto-raptors-atlanta-hawks-850x560After getting bounced in the Eastern Conference Finals by the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Atlanta Hawks are looking to improve their roster for next season. One of the reason why the Hawks were so good, was due to the emergence of forward DeMarre Carroll. Now that Carroll will be a free agent in July, the Hawks have made it clear that they want him back. But the important question that needs to be answered is, are the Hawks ready to pay a lot of money to keep him? According to Kevin Arnovitz of ESPN, the Hawks are bracing themselves for a 4 year, $50 million asking price from Carroll.


Following Carroll’s estimated annual salary on his next contract has been like tracking an internet stock you didn’t buy soon enough. Since opening night, he’s risen from a candidate for a contract in the neighborhood of the midlevel exception (which would still represent more than double his current paycheck), to someone who has a reasonable claim on an eight-figure salary. Sources say the Hawks are bracing themselves for an asking price of 4 years and $50 million — and given the postseason Carroll put together and the interest around the league, possibly even more. If the price tag is much higher than that, there’s good reason to believe the flexibility-minded Hawks could bow out, though their strong preference is to retain Carroll, who has been an essential cog in their two-way success.


I think $50 million is a reasonable contract for Carroll and he deserves that much. But if he wants more than that, I would have to let him walk.

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